Some of the most complicated issues that come with the divorce process occur when there are children involved. The thought of not seeing a child as much as you once did can bring out some pretty intense emotions, leaving both parents fighting tooth and nail to get the majority of the custody. While we completely understand this mindset, we also know that child visitation can be worked out so that both parties are satisfied with just a little bit of compromise.

Joint Custody vs. Sole Custody

There is a lot that goes into determining who will get sole custody of a child or children when a divorce is taking place. However, when you are looking at the difference between the two, there is only one. When a parent is granted sole custody, the parent with whom the children live with the majority of the time is able to make everyday decisions regarding the child without having to consult with the other parent first. This means that whether it be school activities, sports, clubs that child belongs to or more, the choice to say ‘yes’ belongs to the parent that the children spend the majority of their time with. When the parents have joint custody, they must both agree to what the child does or does not participate in, whether the child spends a bit more time with one of them than the other or not.

Hire the Right Visitation Lawyer

If you are ready to start fighting for you visitation rights, you need an attorney who will undeniably do everything in their power to ensure you get to spend as much time with your kids as possible. When you hire Pavithran Law Office to represent you in a legal case that involves custody, we will go above and beyond so that you and your child can get the favorable outcome you are hoping for.