Most people are not aware that 78 percent of child abductions that take place in the United States are facilitated by one of the child’s parents or family member. This sort of thing is often the result of a disagreement about custody or as a method of revenge. When a child is taken over state lines by one of their parents without the consent of the other, this becomes a federal issue, one in which a lawyer will likely be needed. Pavithran Law Office has the experience and the expertise you need in an attorney when you are dealing with a case of kidnapping by a parent or family member. Continue reading below to learn more about this situation and how we can help you.

What should you do if your child has been kidnapped by the other parent?

If you discover that your child has been kidnapped by their other parent, it is imperative that you call the police immediately. This will allow them to use the resources they have to help you locate your child and their parent. Additionally, we would suggest that you call a family lawyer as soon as possible so that you can begin building a case which will prevent this sort of situation from occurring again in the future.

This sort of situation can be extremely complicated and it is only exasperated by the stress that is felt when you, as a parent, do not know where your child is located. On the other hand, handling this situation in the way that is suggested above will lend with the most favorable outcome. If you need a lawyer to help you through difficult situation, reach out to our team at Pavithran Law Office.

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