Your Washington State Foreclosure Attorney

It happens all the time: a mortgage holder or lender feels as though they have been treated unfairly while involved in a foreclosure dispute. Most often, a mortgage holder feels that their lender has in some way broken the law while they were going through the foreclosure process and therefore seek an attorney to help them prove such.

What does the foreclosure process entail?

dreamstime_xxl_21331429Foreclosure is the process by which mortgage lenders end an individual’s legal right to a property. This only occurs when the owner has not complied by the terms that were stated in the legal agreement. Most commonly, the foreclosure process is known as a “foreclosure by the power of sale”, also known as a “trustee’s foreclosure.” This process allows the property to be sold in order for the balance of the initial loan to be covered. On the other hand, there is also a foreclosure process known as a “judicial foreclosure,” which requires the court to order for a foreclosure on the property.

Do you need a lawyer to protect your foreclosure rights?

At Pavithran Real Estate & Family Law, we know the importance of you understanding everything that is involved in your foreclosure proceeding. We have extensive knowledge in the real estate arena, which means you will be able to get in-depth explanations of everything that is occurring during your foreclosure process. We represent both mortgage lenders and holders, so contact us today for more information! We look forward to helping you navigate this complicated process.