More often than we would like to think about, personal relationships take a turn for the worst which can result in one or both members of that relationship to feel unsafe. When something like this occurs, it is recommended that one or both people hire an attorney to help them through the inevitable legal issues that are sure to come with abuse, stalking and other unhealthy relationship patterns. Let’s talk about some of the options you will have if you are trying to remove yourself from a potentially harmful relationship or person.

What is domestic violence?

There are many different forms of domestic violence that occur in a number of different types of relationships, not only romantic. This sort of behavior is classified as being violent or aggressive actions that are taken in the home, most commonly taken out on a spouse or partner.

What is a protection order?

A protection order is a legally-enforced court order that will prevent someone being being near or communicating with another person. Most commonly these are referred to as restraining orders. Every law enforcement agency and court in the country is required to enforce these type of protection orders, regardless of which state the people reside within. While the order is simply a piece of paper that is reinforced by law enforcement, it is powerful because it sends a clear and direct message to the abuser that they will be held responsible for their future actions and behavior.

How can you obtain a protection order?

If you would like to file for a protection order, you must make two court appearance. During the first, you will declare that you are in need of the restraining order and why. The second will allow for the other party to object to the restraining order or explain why it is not needed. If the order is filed, the it is presumed permanent, unless the two parties have children together.

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