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While there are many problems that have to be addressed when a couple is going through a divorce, one of the most common and important matters is that of taking care of children that came from the marriage. Not only can the decisions that come from this ultimately make a life-altering change in the child’s life but it is also the family court’s job to ensure that an appropriate amount of child support is arranged to be received by the parent who has custody of the child or children.

The attorneys at Pavithran Law have handled a good amount of child support cases, all of which were different from the ones that preceded and followed it. Nevertheless, we have solid experience in:

  • Establishing child support
  • Modifying or adjusting child support, and
  • Making sure child support obligations are enforced.

Regardless of what point you are at in the divorce process, the goal is to cause as little disruption to the lives of your children as possible. This is already a difficult time for them and adding lack of funds to your worries is surely not going to make it easier on anyone. Child support plays an important role keeping your child’s life or children’s lives normal as your home could potentially go from a two-income-household to a one-income-household should your ex-spouse refuse to fulfill their monetary obligations where the children are concerned.

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