One of the perks of renting a property is that when something goes wrong there is someone who not only will fix whatever it is, but they will pay to have it fixed. When you get dealt a bad hand, however, and your landlord refuses to make timely repairs or is often impossible to get ahold of, it can be very frustrating.dreamstime_xxl_61917027

If you find yourself in this situation, there are several steps you can take. First and foremost, present your landlord with a written notice about what maintenance needs to occur. This notice should state that you are expecting these repairs to be made within seven days. This way, if the work is not completed by the landlord, you will have a paper trail to use as proof.

From this point, if the landlord continues to neglect the property, further action can be taken. Our suggestion? Contact Pavithran Law Office today and see how we can help you discover what your options are. Many people who find themselves in a situation like this will withhold a portion or all of their rent from the landlord until the maintenance has been completed or they will simply terminate their lease. We will also help you write up your notice so that it will hold up in court should you need to defend your choices at a later date. Call us today and discover how you can fix your less than desirable landlord situation once and for all with our talented team’s help.