Deciding to get a prenuptial agreement is a very personal decision that must be agreed upon by a couple after much discussion. First, you have to decide if you even need a prenup. Most of the time, this decision is made when one member of a relationship is substantially more well off than the other. But this is not the dreamstime_xxl_17984275only criteria. Both people must be comfortable with the idea of assets not being equally split should they decide to divorce at any point in time.

Discussing a prenup with your partner can be an extremely difficult thing to do. Often the partner who is not as financially well-off will become offended at the idea that their potential spouse thinks the marriage is doomed from the start. This, however, is not the reason to get a prenuptial agreement. Signing a prenup is all about protecting yourself in the minor case that the marriage does not last, and leaving the relationship with exactly what you enter into it with.

The best course of action when you think a prenup is necessary is to sit and speak with your partner about the reality of the situation. Of course, no one want to imagine that their marriage isn’t going to work out, but the truth is, a lot of marriages don’t. Asking for a prenup in no way means you are planning for the failure of the union, but it ensures that both people will be able to survive in the unfortunate situation of a divorce. If you need more help understand prenuptial agreements, feel free to call Pavithran Law Office. We can help you and your fiance understand the process and documents more in depth and as well as assist you in any additional issues regarding the legal aspects of your future marriage.