1. Myths About The Divorce Process in Washington State

    For those who are going through the divorce process for the first time, it tends to be a very unnerving experience. For one, the idea of separating your life from your spouse’s is heartbreaking. Secondly, there are many mistruths that float around about divorce and all that it entails. Let’s tackle some of the myths that are associated with divorces. Your divorce will be final in no more than …Read More

  2. Who Gets the House in the Divorce?

    It used to be that when two people went through a divorce they would do everything they could to end up leaving the marriage with the home they shared in their possession. However, these days, it is far more common for a divorced couple to want to walk away from the home, as they are very often in over their heads when it comes to payments on their mortgage. After all, divorce is expensive for all…Read More

  3. What is Parental Alienation?

    Have you and your ex-spouse recently gone through a divorce and you are starting to notice that your child is acting differently towards one of you? After a divorce, some children begin to reject and pull away from the parent they were the most bonded with when everyone was living under one roof. This is often caused by one parent making the other seem obsolete out of anger or pain, or by a parent…Read More

  4. Making a Parenting Plan During Your Divorce

    Having to go through a divorce is hard all around. It becomes even harder when you have children with your spouse and you have to not only disclose the divorce to them, but also work out a way that both of you can see the children frequently enough that it will not disrupt their lives too severely. However, there is also a legal aspect of this process that you may not know about. What is a Parenti…Read More

  5. What is Community Property?

    When it comes to getting a divorce, there is one term you will hear time and time again and that term is “community property.” Knowing what is and isn’t considering community property is extremely important when you are trying to separate your life from the life of your ex-spouse. So let’s discuss it in a bit more detail. What is Community Property? When you are married in one of nine stat…Read More

  6. The Pros and Cons of Real Estate Contracts

    You may think that a real estate contract is the same thing as a mortgage or a deed. However, this is not true. A real estate contract is a different way to buy or sell real estate that conveys that the sellers have to convey the land to the buyer, and the buyer has to pay the seller a set amount of money. When you are considering using a contract like this, it is important that you know all of th…Read More

  7. Avoid Legal Issues by Properly Screening Tenants

    Taking preventative action can keep you out of a lot of undesirable situations. For example, if you are the owner of a rental property, you always stand the chance of a tenant not abiding by the stipulations in their lease and/or not taking proper care of the property. In order to avoid having to take a tenant to court to pay for repairs or to dispute their breaking of the lease, you can do one ve…Read More

  8. Adultery and Divorce in Washington

    Discovering your spouse is cheating on you can be devastating. Not only are you dealing with the hurt that comes with adultery but you also feel validated in your past suspicion and the obvious lies you were being told while the affair was occurring. When the adultery is just too much to get past, many people decide the best way to remedy the situation is to file a divorce. But how does cheating f…Read More

  9. Getting A Prenuptial Agreement in Washington

    Getting engaged to the love of your life is one of the most excited things that can happen to a person. However, while you plan to find the right flowers, venue, and multiple other preparations, you may be forgetting to consider the legal implications that come with two people joining their lives together. As a lawyer, however, we have seen how these things work out should you not consider these l…Read More