1. Ensuring Your Home Remains Healthy During Your Divorce

    As a family law office, we know that going through a divorce is never an easy process. On the other hand, divorce has really evolved over the last five decades. While no one says “I Do” with the intention of splitting from their significant other, about 50 percent of marriages dissolve by, if not before they reach their 20th anniversary. With numbers so high, it’s important to note that divo…Read More

  2. The Main Reasons Landlords Evict Their Tenants

    It is not uncommon that we work with our fair share of both tenants and landlords in our faction of the law. Having said this, Pavithran Law Office has heard nearly every reason why a landlord would evict their tenant. While there are some reasons that even we couldn’t have made up (a tenant being evicted for breeding cockroaches…) for the most part, we hear the same things over and over again…Read More

  3. When Your Landlord Won’t Return Your Security Deposit

    It is likely that at one time or another in your life, you have had a terrible landlord. Whether it  was a landlord who would not fix anything when it broke on its own, or one who was constantly stopping by to check in on you, it’s people like this who cause many of us to move past renting and toward buying. Working in real estate law, we hear plenty of horror stories coming from tenants regard…Read More

  4. Common Mistakes People Make When Trying To Adopt

    When a person or couple first decide that they want to adopt a child, it is not a small decision. Much of the time, this step is often scary and nerve-wracking as the there is a ton of preparation that has to go into making this dream into a reality. While there is no surefire way to ensure you are going to be an adoptive parent, there are things you can avoid doing that will keep you in the runni…Read More

  5. 5 Myths About Child Support in Washington State

    Going through a divorce is hard enough as it is. However, it becomes even more difficult when there is a child or multiple children involved. Having all the facts about how child support works in the state of Washington is extremely important if you know that you will likely not be the parent getting custody of the kids. While many people believe that they already know a lot about what child suppo…Read More

  6. When Is It Time To Hire A Real Estate Attorney?

    If you are buying or selling a home, you may think you can do so pretty easily without the help of anyone else. After all, it only requires a tiny bit of paperwork and everything will be done, right? Not exactly. Real estate transactions are some of the most complicated legal matters that you can deal in if you are not a real estate lawyer or a trained professional. While you may not end up hiring…Read More

  7. Divorce Rates Have Decreased Significantly In Recent Years

    Over the last three or so decades, attitudes about marriage have not exactly been the most positive. With so many couples opting to get out of their marriage by filing for divorce, there were many people who believed that the institution of marriage may not be around forever. However, it seems that in recent years, the divorce rate has begun to dip in comparison to the divorce rate in previous yea…Read More

  8. Divorce and Your Parenting Plan: Things To Consider

    When you had your children, your life was forever changed. Now that you are getting a divorce, you can expect that the same thing is going to happen again. However, since you have children, it is imperative that you think about how you can disrupt their lives as little as possible while you are going through this difficult time, as well as in the future. Taking care of children while living in sep…Read More

  9. Things You May Not Have Known About Washington Divorces

    You, like most, are likely already aware the divorce isn’t a walk in the park for anyone. Not only is there emotional turmoil that one has to go through, but there are also issues of finances, and often children that make the entire process even more difficult. However, until you go through an actual divorce, you have no idea how truly hard the entire process can be. Keeping this in mind, we wan…Read More