Divorce attorneys can tell you that they have clients of all ages who seek them out when a marriage is on the rocks. An age group that has certainly experienced a raise in the amount of divorces they are obtaining is those couple between the ages of 55 and 64. This has been chalked up to the shifting cultural view surrounding divorce in the last couple of decades. In the past, divorce was thought to be taboo, as it was thought to be a sin by the majority of organized religions. However, over time, divorce began to become a more viable option for those people who chose to avoid it in the past.dreamstime_11827757

This has caused the divorce rate in older couples to nearly double over the past 10 years. One of the most common reasons people claim to get divorced from their spouse after being married the majority of their lives, is when they have something referred to as “a light bulb moment”. People claim to have had a moment of clarity in which they realize they have only been going through the motions in their marriage and that they want more from life than to simply continue on the path they originally chose (being married to their partner).This is often triggered by a significant event occurring in one or both of the people in the couple’s lives. Whether it is the death of a friend or family member, the children finally leaving the house, a change in career paths or something else, a major change can get the thoughts about living life a different way flowing.

It is important to note that divorces between older couples are not the same as couple who have only been married a handful of years. A divorce between two people whose children no longer live in the home is much different from one where there is still things like custody to consider. Most often, these couples simply have to decide ahead of time what the protocol for events like holiday gatherings will be to avoid confrontation in the long run.

Collaborative divorces are often used when a couple over a certain age decides to split. Because these two people have spent the majority of their lives with one another, they respect and love each other very much but simply just do not wish to be married any longer. When there is no animosity, collaborative divorces are the simplest method to use.

Regardless of age or the length of the marriage, divorce is never something that is easy to go through. Starting over is hard and so is saying “goodbye” to a chapter of your life that you at one time thought was going to last forever. If you are seeking information on a late in life divorce or you need help learning more about what separating from your spouse would entail, call Pavithran Law Offices today. We can help you sort of what your next move should be and if a divorce is the right choice for you.