Being a landlord can be a very rewarding job. However, like with every other job, there are definitely challenges that can make your day to day more difficult. Your job as a landlord requires that you are tasked with certain duties that when neglected, can cause you a lot of trouble. Avoid doing the bad practices listed below and you will thrive in your job as a landlord.

  1. You wait too long to respond to maintenance requests.

    The key to being a successful landlord is always putting yourself in your tenants’ shoes. If your water stopped working in your apartment or if an appliance dreamstime_xxl_26902703all of a sudden stopped working, you would want it fixed immediately, wouldn’t you? Being available and helpful to your tenants will not only make them trust you more but they are also more likely to appreciate you.

  2. You don’t try to get to know your tenants.

    Forming a relationship with your tenants is the best way to make sure they are not constantly causing you trouble. Mutual respect and understanding is the basis of every successful tenant/landlord relationship.

  3. You don’t provide a desirable rental.

    The quality of the space you rent is going to directly correlate with the type of people you find to rent it. If you want tenants who are clean and not likely to cause damage to your rental, you must provide a space that someone with those qualities will want to occupy.

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