When it comes to getting a divorce, there is one term you will hear time and time again and that term is “community property.” Knowing what is and isn’t considering community property is extremely important when you are trying to separate your life from the life of your ex-spouse. So let’s discuss it in a bit more detail.

What is Community Property?dreamstime_xxl_14483990

When you are married in one of nine states that abide by community property laws (yes, Washington is one) any asset that is jointly owned by you and your spouse is most likely to be considered community property.

But What Qualifies Exactly?

If you are married with property in a community property jurisdiction, any and all assets that were acquired during the span of your marriage or as a product of your marriage are deemed community property. Anything that was acquired by each individual before they are married, however, does not qualify. Additionally, any gifts or inheritances that were acquired during the marriage are likely to be considered “separate property.”

Need Help Claiming What is Yours?

This is often a difficult thing to comprehend when you are going through a divorce. After all, you and your soon to be ex-spouse likely bought many things together throughout the course of your marriage. With this in mind, don’t feel like you have to do this all on your own. If you need help making sure you get what belongs to you during your divorce proceedings, call the family law team at Pavithran Law Offices. We would love to help you navigate this tricky time and situation.