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During the divorce process, and often after divorces are finalized, visitation rights become a topic of interest. Visitation is the temporary custody of a child being granted to the noncustodial parent. In more complicated divorces where one parent is granted sole custody of the child or children, they may have to subject to allowing their ex-spouse to have visitation. When visitation is set, it is often extremely hard to change, as the court must take multiple factors into account. At Pavithran Real Estate & Family Law Firm, we are dedicated to making every aspect of the divorce process easier for our clients, including child custody cases and visitation cases. Contact us if you need legal aid or legal assistance with your divorce today.

In today’s blog, we will dive into the topic of visitation.

Types of Visitation

  • Unsupervised Visitation is the most common type of visitation, where the non-custodial parent gets to spend time with their children in an unsupervised setting. This setting can also be determined by the non-custodial parent and the children are allowed to go to their home. Occasionally there can be some predetermined limitations decided before the visitation begins.
  • Supervised Visitation is a court ordered visitation where another responsible adult must be present for the entirety of the visit with the non-custodial parent. Depending on the reasoning for the sanctioned supervision, the non-custodial parent will either have a court-appointed supervisor or be able to pick and appoint their own supervisor, like a friend of a family member. In extremely special cases, the non-custodial parent must meet their children at a predetermined location with a supervisor.
  • A Virtual Visitation is an uncommon form of visitation where the non-custodial parent will communicate with their child or children over the medium of a video conference call. This method is used mostly in situations where the non-custodial parent lives in a different state, or infrequently has in-person visits.

Visitation Rights In Washington

The state of Washington has an extremely generous take on visitation for parents that are deemed non-custodial. This being said, these visitations can be extremely restricted if the non-custodial parent has done things such as abandoned the child, abused the child, has a history of domestic violence, or been convicted as a sex offender. While the state has a very relaxed take on visitation, it does, however, do a good job at restricting visitation for those that clearly aren’t suitable to be around children.

Visitation Law in Washington

Washington employs an interesting, yet effective plan to minimize the impact of divorce on children. While this is good for the child, it is often stressful for the parents, as they have to sit down and make a Normal Parenting Plan, a document that states where the child will be living, visiting, and going to school so that the court can better grant custody and visitation.

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