As a family law office, we know that going through a divorce is never an easy process. On the other hand, divorce has really evolved over the last five decades. While no one says “I Do” with the intention of splitting from their significant other, about 50 percent of marriages dissolve by, if not before they reach their 20th anniversary. With numbers so high, it’s important to note that divorce should be somewhat civil and at the very least, as painless as possible. With this said, let’s talk about how you can have the healthiest split from your partner if it is something you are considering.


While you may think that this only applies to cooperating with your spouse, you also need to learn to cooperate with yourself and the feelings you are experiencing. It’s very easy in a time like this to become frustrated with yourself and everything you are going through. Divorce isn’t easy on anyone, so try to remind yourself of that as you experience your grief. Take it one day at a time and be kind to yourself through this trying period.


It’s likely that the last thing you want to do when you are getting divorced is sit down and have a real conversation with your spouse. While it may be uncomfortable, it is imperative that you keep the lines of communication open. This is especially true if the two of you have children together as you will have to continue to communicate with one another presumably at least until your kids are no longer living in your homes. But we will talk more about that in a bit.


While it may be a difficult task, try not to think of your spouse the enemy. If you do this, your entire approach to the divorce is going to be a lot more difficult. This isn’t a battle, it’s a choice, made by both you and your spouse. Learning how to talk calmly and come to agreements without emotional outbursts, name calling and other vengeful tactics will not only make the divorce a much easier process, but it will also help you to move on with your life at a much more accelerated rate.

When You Have Kids

As we mentioned earlier, having children complicates divorce a lot. After all, the decision you and your spouse have made to go your separate ways has a direct impact on your kids. Doing everything you can to ensure that the transition is an easy one for your children will make all the difference. First and foremost, the two of you should sit down and explain that the divorce is happening to your child together. This will show a united front and will not cause as much trauma for the child as they will be able to get used to the idea gradually.

Additionally, parents who share custody are much more likely to see less negative outcomes as far as the emotional toll the divorce will take on their kids. This also means that you, as the parent, need to refrain from painting your spouse in a negative light in front of your kids so that they do not feel as though they have to choose a side.

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