When a person or couple first decide that they want to adopt a child, it is not a small decision. Much of the time, this step is often scary and nerve-wracking as the there is a ton of preparation that has to go into making this dream into a reality. While there is no surefire way to ensure you are going to be an adoptive parent, there are things you can avoid doing that will keep you in the running. A ton of patience is required when you are going through the adoption process, so be careful not to get careless by making these extremely common mistakes.

Not addressing the reader

When you go through the adoption process, you will have to fill out an adoption profile. This will be the most important aspect to your application in which you will market yourself and show why you are qualified to be an adoptive parent. You are not writing to the adoption agency, however. You are writing to the birth parents, specifically the birth mother. Make sure that you are 100 percent yourself when you are filling this out, you are addressing the person who is trying to find the best possible home for their child, so there is no need to be dishonest.


Trying to sound as though you are perfect

There isn’t a single person on the planet who is perfect. While it might be tempting to make yourself sound as though you are without flaws in your profile, being honest about who you are is a much better idea. Clearly, you want to paint yourself in the best light possible, but you also want to make sure that the parents see you are, above all else, responsible, loving and caring. Those are the things that matter the most when someone is considering letting someone adopt their child.

Writing from one perspective

Birth parents are interested in both of the people who are interested in adopting their child, not just one of them. This means that you and your significant other should write your profile together so that both of your personalities are present when birth parents read through it. This means explaining how the two of you like to spend your time, what you do for work, where you like to go on vacation and more.

Being picky

Some adoptive parents tend to specify too much about what sort of child they are looking to adopt. When it comes to adoption, only the lucky get a child at all, so limiting yourself by being picky about the age, sex, or race of the baby will likely mean you won’t be adopting at all. No one wants to have their child adopted by someone whose love is conditional.

Not asking for help from a professional

The biggest mistakes people make when going through the adoption process is to not seek help from professionals. An attorney who practices family law can help you with the process of applying for adoption. If you are serious about adoption and you want to have the very best chance possible, contact Pavithran Law Office today. We can answer any questions you may have or schedule an appointment for you to come in and talk with us more in a more in depth manner.

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