Often many people do not realize they are in an abusive relationship until it has reached a point of physical violence or complete and total destruction of their confidence and self worth. Situations like this are difficult because people who see your relationship from the outside are aware it is not healthy, and yet you cannot see this yourself because you are blinded by your feelings for your significant other. For lawyers it can be difficult as well because we cannot help someone until they admit that they are or have been abused in their relationship. If you fear you might be a victim of domestic violence, check out the list below and see if it sounds anything like your relationship with your partner.

Warning Signs You are in an Abusive Relationshipdreamstime_xxl_31802052

  1. When you met, your partner wanted to move things very quickly. This could mean moving in together, getting engaged or even married.
  2. Your partner is often jealous and insinuates that you flirt with “everyone”.
  3. Your partner keeps you up at night either arguing or simply for your company with no regards for your work schedule or how clearly exhausted you are all the time.
  4. You get extreme anxiety when you are running a little behind, as you know your significant other is going to be angry if you are late.
  5. Everything always ends up being your fault according to your partner.
  6. Your partner does not like for you to attend social events without him/her.
  7. When you partner is away you simply spend time alone.
  8. You find out your partner has had violent relationships in the past and does not seem remorseful about them.
  9. Your partner stalks you. This could be on your computer, when you go places with friends, tracking your car’s location, etc.
  10. You have witnessed your partner be physically abuse towards animals or other people in the past.

Warning Signs a Friend is in an Abusive Relationship

  1. Your friend has always been relatively social but no longer will come to things you invite him/her to because of her partner.
  2. You friend seems on edge about responding to their partner’s messages or keeping their partner waiting.
  3. Your friend often has bruises or scratches on their body, all of which they never seem to be able to explain.
  4. Your friend no longer seems like himself/herself. Perhaps they have lost interest in hobbies that used to bring them joy or maybe they are recently doing poorly at school or their job.

If you or someone you know is in a relationship that meets all of the aforementioned criteria, it may be time to seek the help of an attorney. Pavithran Law Offices take domestic violence and abuse every seriously. Not only can help you get away from your abusive relationship or marriage, but we will also do everything we can to ensure that your suffering was not for nothing. Call our law office today and find out how we can help you escape a very detrimental situation.