If you are considering buying your first home or a home in general, you may be wondering if you actually need a real estate attorney. First and foremost, let us just say: it is never a bad idea to have a real estate attorney to help you navigate purchasing a home. That being said, however, do you really need one?dreamstime_xxl_29885550

Personally, we think yes, regardless of the situation. However, there are certain scenarios that you without a doubt will want to hire an attorney to help you with buying a house. These situations are as follow:

  • You are purchasing a home or land that is owned by the bank.
  • The property you are aiming to purchase my have physical damage.
  • You are purchasing a home in a different city or town from where you currently live.
  • The house you want to purchase is in an area that is prone to natural disasters like tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, etc.

If you find yourself in any of the positions above, it is important for you to seek out a lawyer who will have your back throughout the process. When moving to the Issaquah, Washington area, your very best bet for finding an effective real estate attorney is with Pavithran Real Estate and Family Law Firm. Our attorney will make sure you are completely informed throughout the buying process, as well as do her very best to get you everything you want out of the agreement. Contact our office today to learn more about what we can do for you!