If you are having to make the difficult decision of whether or not you should get a divorce, you may have heard of number of horror stories or urban legends that are preventing you from looking into the process further. Well rest assured that Pavithran Law has your best interest at heart and is here to break down some of the most common myths surrounding divorce. Below you will discover some of the misconceptions even you, yourself may have regarding what happens when a marriage ends.dreamstime_l_23738215

  1. The Mother Always Gets Custody of the Children
    There is absolutely no preference when it comes to who the court chooses to have primary custody of the children when a divorce occurs. The court will grant custody to the parent who demonstrates they are most capable of caring for the child or children. In the best case scenario the court would be able to make a custody agreement that allows the child to see both parents a fairly even amount.
  2. You Cannot Get Alimony Because You Weren’t Married Long Enough
    People often think that if you are married for less than 10 years to your spouse before filing for divorce that you are in no way eligible to get alimony. This simply is not the case. While the amount of alimony a spouse can get is dependent on the length of the marriage, there is still an opportunity to get spousal support regardless of whether your marriage lasted a decade or more.
  3. Hiring a Divorce Attorney is a Waste of Time
    People often think that because divorce lawyers charge for their services that they simply aren’t worth spending money that could hypothetically be pocketed. However, not hiring a lawyer is not a chance you want to take. If you do, the likelihood of the divorce process being dragged out because of simple mistakes in paperwork is very high. Not to mention, it costs money to fix problems on legal documents, an amount of money that is likely greater than what you would have paid for a divorce attorney in the first place.