dreamstime_xxl_16496692Discovering your spouse is cheating on you can be devastating. Not only are you dealing with the hurt that comes with adultery but you also feel validated in your past suspicion and the obvious lies you were being told while the affair was occurring. When the adultery is just too much to get past, many people decide the best way to remedy the situation is to file a divorce. But how does cheating factor into what occurs when a divorce is being arranged? In this post you can learn what impact adultery can have on the divorce process when you live in Washington.

While some states allow for fault-based divorces which allow the members of the union to argue which person was at fault for the divorce, Washington is not one of these states. No-fault divorces are the more modern trend and does not require that either spouse provide a reason the marriage is ending. You simply have to explain to the judge that your marriage is too broken to be repaired and soon enough your divorce will be granted.

If you are hoping to be granted alimony due to the adultery, you and your future ex-spouse will be given the choice to come to a decision together. If this is not possible, however, a judge will decide for you. Each case is different and entails a variety of things that must be considered.

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