1. Navigating Visitation Rights In Issaquah

    If you are thinking about or committed to getting a divorce we encourage you to do some research, as well as find a divorce attorney for legal assistance and consultation. At Pavithran Real Estate & Family Law Firm, we would love to help you navigate through this tricky time and we will fight for you until your case reaches the best possible outcome. During the divorce process, and often after…Read More

  2. Parental Kidnapping: A Familiar Abduction

    When most people see the phrasing “parental kidnapping” they may be a little confused at first. This is totally understandable because it's rare that the words “parent” and “kidnapping” are ever used in conjuncture. Although it may sound odd, parental kidnapping is a real issue that over 200,000 families have to deal with annually.  Families that are most likely to experience parental…Read More

  3. The Homestead Law: a Piece of Western History That Could Help

    If you have to file for bankruptcy or currently have serious debts in the state of Washington, you might just be in luck. Each state has their own homestead laws, but today, we are going to discuss the Washington homestead laws and how they might be of benefit to you as a homeowner. Before we get into the details of Washington homestead laws, let's take a look at the history behind them. History o…Read More

  4. When Will My Washington Divorce Be Final?

    We get questions from people in Washington all the time about the legal specifics regarding their divorce. Specifically, we tend to hear one question time and time again: When will my divorce be finalized. As your trusted Issaquah divorce attorney, we have worked with many people to make sure that their divorce process is as seamless as possible. This also happens to make us the experts on all thi…Read More

  5. Divorce Tips: Be Careful Who You Get Advice From

    When you are going through a divorce, there is a lot of information that is likely being thrown at you. Whether it’s from online forums, family or friends, you may start to realize that you are getting a lot of mixed messages. It’s important to remember that some people are more reliable than others. This is not to say that everyone does not have good intentions when they are sharing their own…Read More

  6. What If Your Spouse Won’t Sign The Divorce Papers?

    Marriage is not always easy. Anyone who has ever been part of a marriage can tell you that. Even when things have been bad in a marriage for a long time, much of the time, the couple will be unable to agree that a divorce is the right choice. This becomes especially difficult when one person in the marriage wants to remain in it and the other does not. If you are ready to cut your losses but your …Read More

  7. Divorce Myth: Mothers Are Favored In Custody Battles

    A divorce gets increasingly more complicated if there are children involved. For most parents, they want to ensure first and foremost that their children is taken care of throughout the process and that the lives of the little ones are turned upside down. On the other hand, there is always going to be the complicated issue of custody and visitation. One of the most common misconceptions about cust…Read More

  8. Is It A Bad Idea To Date Before Your Divorce Is Final?

    Making the decision to end a marriage is never an easy thing to do. However, once you and your spouse have come to an agreement to separate your lives, you may find that you are looking for ways to begin moving forward, even though the marriage is not legally over. One of the most common ways people try to get through this difficult time is by finding another person to spend their time with. Howev…Read More

  9. What Should Your Divorce Settlement Include?

    Apart from the emotional toll that a divorce can take on a family, one of the most difficult aspects of the entire process is dividing the assets. The division of property includes assigning permanent possession of everything that is jointly owned such as the family home, vehicles and the funds in bank accounts as well as trusts, stock options, investments, pensions, retirement benefits and more. …Read More