Shana Pavithran received her J.D. from Northwestern School of Law, Lewis and Clark College. Passionate about law from the start, she is an attorney who strives to represent her clients in a such a way that they not only get the legal help that they need, but feel like they have friends on their side through the entire process.

Pavithran, PLLC has existed since 2011. With over 10 years of industry experience in Family and Real Estate Law, you can trust them to represent you the way you deserve. You can expect high standards of professionalism and ethics from an attorney that has your best interests in mind.

No legal matter is an easy one, but at Pavithran, PLLC, we understand how heartfelt family and residential matters are compared to anything else. Lawsuits effecting your home and family are hard to handle from both an emotional and a legal standpoint. You need a lawyer who will put your needs at the heart of each case.

Shana is very passionate about helping her clients contain conflict and powerfully advocates for them in order to secure the best outcomes possible under the law. This representation touches the personal lives of each client, their children, and the opposing party profoundly. Pavithran, PLLC is always aware of the monumental nature of her professional responsibility in such situations.

Our prices are very reasonable in the market. Our firm is known to be very cost effective as we use our support staff very efficiently while keeping our client’s needs as our first priority. We are concerned about what is fair in every unique situation.

Family Law is 90% hand holding and 10% legal work; customer service is paramount in this type of practice. Pavithran, PLLC does whatever it takes to ensure their clients satisfaction, no matter what that entails. They are dedicated to protecting their client’s rights.

At Pavithran, PLLC we belive in using all the legal tools at our disposal to assist the client to achieve their goals. It is the client’s case and the client’s life and therefore the client should have the final say as to the course of the law suit. It is knowing and understanding what the client and the client’s family is going through that makes them work as hard as they do. If you need legal help contact Pavithran, PLLC today!